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Orbit: A Soundstory

One Song Each Month… or so...

A multimedia musical adventure out on Kindle and iBook coming this Spring!

Our planet revoles around the sun at 1675 km/h
Earth bolts around our Sun at 107,000 km/h
and around the Milky Way at 800,000 km/h!!…
Often, it feels like we are going nowhere…

What goes around, comes around...How often do we find ourselves repeating? Both triumphs and failures..., time and again we fall back to our pattern and hop on for another go-round. Often, we make the very same mistakes, go down the paths we're familar with, and complain about things (while often doing little to change them…). It sometimes feels like our lives spinning around and around.

One thing I learned in my NASA days is that it takes a lot of energy to change your Orbit. Perhaps it is unwise to try... Remember that a million billion things have conspired to put you right where you are today. Change even the smallest of them and you are no longer you… This CD is a musical orbit of sorts for me as well - marking the return of more rock inspired backbeats and somewhat more complex production. (did someone say keyboard solos?)

I'm having a blast making it and I hope you enjoy it!

The final single is,


(If you cannot see the Soundcloud app below, you can hear sample here!)

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The entire collection will be released as a multi-media book on Kindle and iBook sometime mid-2014.


  • Stripped

    I wanted to take on the challenge of reinterpreting (stripping?) some of my earlier electronic/ambient works down into solo piano compositions that would be fun and interesting to play live. Each of the songs on this CD was recorded in one take and often improved. no overdubs, no MIDI, no quantization. The resulting recording was more emotional and soulful than anything I had done before. Stripped not only soothes you, but perhaps also challenges you, inspires you, and surprises you from time to time.

    This is much of my life, if you strip away the production... and not surprisingly, it's not what I expected.

  • Quarter Page

    Precise, sweet, understated to a fault… simple delicate piano. Sitting behind the keys of a full piano for the first time in ten years, I realized two unexpected things... The first was that all the bells and whistles of production aren't necessary (at least not all the time…) Sometimes just playing is far more fun than producing…. I had been missing that. It completely renewed me. The second thing was a renewed belief that p.19 had some really great songs 'back in the day.' I started working out the material on piano - I still knew it by heart... and the idea of "Quarter Page" was born.

  • Exiled From Outer Space

    Every Time I put a CD together, I always have leftovers - Songs that just never got finished or perhaps they just got lost - a good idea that never really found its way into a box... Occasionally, completely finished, but perhaps just not fitting with everything else. These are the misfits - misbegotten children of mine that I've kept locked in the cellar... Some of my most favorite bits. Released as a musical freak show, for your pleasure because even misfits deserve a chance… After all, I got one...!


  • Counting Out Time

    Living and writing in the Hollywood area is a strange thing. Getting to see the industry up close did about the same thing to me for movies that Nashville did to me for music... it made me consider a different career... perhaps it was turning 30 while shining someone's shoes... still, the wide variety of strange and different influences helped create a neat cd. This one is on Pandora internet radio - make a station!! I was just never sure whether to go 1-10 or 10-1....

  • Suncatcher

    Here's an idea... Let's trade our car with the neighbors for an unregistered van - pack up all our things inside and move to California! Of course, we have little money and no place to stay, but why not! The excitement of doing it and actually pulling it off (and the legion of interesting people I met working at iNetnow!) was writing inspiration for some time...

  • Assignments

    I was not sure where to go next after the rsvp CD so Laura gave me a series of writing challenges. She would pick a (usually completely obscure) topic and I had to produce a song to describe it - many very strange and wonderful moments and songs I would never have conceived of otherwise! Some of the most fun writing possible.

  • rsvp

    Ever have one of those days where everything just seems to be going great. Not just great, but really quite great. As the day goes on, you start to be unable to contain your grin. You see all the beauty in this world, all at once clearly and focused - and all that has come before seems to pale in this new understanding. That's how I felt as this was being made and I think it shows in the music.

  • Mine Field Dream

    I joined forces with Chad Corley (the Sleep-Ins, kingsizerobot) and electronic 'thermal romantic' composer Michael Lee Thomas, in 1995, to record this exotic mix of texture and tempo. The resulting CD was a beautiful mix of joy and sorrow reflected in song. Every song from this record made the New Age charts on



Laura and I both love photography.
It's one of those addicting hobbies in that the more you learn, the more you have to learn.
It's also a great excuse to go off the path and explore the unknown!
It is that combination of exploration and creativity that inspires us both.

We are currently working on a book of images that will
be out during the summer of 2014.
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